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Language Training and Courses

Language training from A to Zaitri

Since 1990, I have been working as a self-employed language trainer. Due to my certifications I am perfectly trained as a teacher, trainer and course instructor for different languages.
I especially enjoy teaching at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, because I live to teach young people languages.

I provide competent individual or group lessons in Arabic, German, English and French for business people, private individuals and students of every level. I offer my current language courses in the Würzburg area.

Learn more about my extensive range of languages.

Overview of the offered language courses:

Digital Teaching

I also offer digital language training.

What is digital language training?
Nowadays, you can also learn languages online. Thanks to my digital language training, you can learn the foreign language at your own pace online, on your computer or smartphone.

Why should you choose digital language training?
You can attend language training sessions on the Internet from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Internationalization is also becoming increasingly important in companies.
I offer online language courses or language training for individuals and companies. This will strengthen your cross-site collaboration and improve business relationships.

Do you lack personal contact in digital language training?
I also enable interpersonal communication in video conferencing. Mimics and gestures are not neglected via video transmission. A further advantage of digital teaching is the flexible time allocation and location independence.

The online teaching and online courses are held via the video conference tool “ZOOM”. I provide the virtual conference room, in which events of any size are possible. Whether in small groups or lessons for up to 100 people.

Learn languages comfortably and flexibly from home.

Language Courses for Companies:

I offer your company tailor-made business and technical language courses. The products, services and technologies of your company are taken into account during these courses to reach optimum communication with your international partners. The language courses are offered as individual or group training and crash courses.

Language Courses for Beginners and Advanced Students:​

Special courses are offered to help you communicate in any important daily situation. These language courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students. These language courses are provided as private or group lessons for both beginners and advanced students.

Language Courses for all Students and at Every Level:

  • Flexible teaching structure and individual time management
  • Tutoring is selected according to the language level of the student
  • Promotion of strengths and reduction of deficits
  • Flexible and individual support
  • Intensive training for each level and before taking exams
  • Tutoring can be offered at home

German Courses

  • Mediation and deepening of language skills in spoken and written form
  • Promotion of intercultural skills
  • Advice, coaching and support for course participants
  • Implementation of placement tests
  • Integration courses for migrants and refugees A1 – B1
  • Integration courses with literacy for migrants and refugees
  • Job-related German courses A1 – C1

Englisch and French Courses:

These courses provide a systematic introduction to technical and business English and French through numerous listening comprehension and grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • In the oral field, the skill “speaking” is of particular importance
  • Listening comprehension and expression are improved
  • In addition, knowledge of customs and practices in English and French-speaking countries is conveyed
  • Strategies are used to read and process specialist texts from business and technical journals. Thus, the vocabulary is systematically expanded

Arabic Courses

  • Vocabulary by frequency
  • Application-oriented grammar
  • Reading, understanding, speaking, writing
  • Teaching the basics of the Arabic language
  • Introduction to understanding the historical and cultural background of Arab culture and tradition

I am always at your disposal for your language projects.

Get to know me as your language trainer and discuss your language project with me. I am also happy to inform you about the prices of individual or group courses.